Things To Avoid To Stop Hair Fall Or Hair Thinning

Things to avoid to stop hair fall or hair thinning

The hair fall issue is so common today that people don’t pay much attention. But w is natu hen the hair fall issue becomes severe it tends to bother them. It is natural to shed around 50 to 100 hairs per day but if it exceeds this limit it turns into a hair fall issue.

Anu has recently turned to a dermatologist for the cure of hair fall. Initially, she tried to stop hair fall on her own but failed miserably. All her homemade remedies didn’t work out as expected. Now, she has hopes only with her dermatologist who could save her hair.

For many hairs fall issues can be as big as any serious medical ailment. People do suffer from sadness, anger, and even depression continuously. Such people tend to have a bad mood the whole day thereby decreasing their confidence level. In extreme cases, dermatologists suggest seeking a psychiatrist for the same reason.

What is hair fall?

Shedding hair strands more than normal in a whole day is termed hair fall. Though the medical term for hair fall is “Alopecia“. There are multiple types of hair fall and each one possesses its characteristics.

List of some prominent types of hair fall

  • Androgenetic alopecia: – a most common type of hair fall but differ from man to woman. It does happen due to the genetic reason.
  • Telogen Effluvium: -hair fall due to the increased stress level. It usually lasts up to three to six months and is curable.
  • Anagen Effluvium: – this type of hair fall is a reaction to any certain medication like an ongoing chemotherapy session. Plus, exposure to certain toxic chemicals is another major reason.
  • Alopecia Areata: -also known as patchy hair loss where a person loses hair from a certain area. This does result in a circular bald patch.
  • Tinea Capitis: -this is a fungal infection happening due to the attack of fungi. They do penetrate the hair follicle’s outer sheath leading to invading the hair shaft.
  • Cicatricial Alopecia: – this is permanent hair loss that is a result of inflammation of the hair follicles. Eventually, there is no permanent cure for the same though the process can slow down.
  • Hair shaft abnormalities: -in general it is known as the easy breaking up of the hair strands. It does happen due to genetic disorders, diseases, or also environmental factors too.
  • Hypotrichosis: – a rare condition where there is zero growth of hair on the head, eyebrows, edge of eyelids, and beard (in males). It happens due to a genetic disorder. Sadly, there is no treatment for the same.


What causes hair fall in both males and females?

The hair fall issue is so common that everyone assumes it is a normal thing and doesn’t pay much attention to it. There are multiple causes of hair fall. Below is a list of the prominent reasons of having hair fall: –

  • Genetics: – if your family has a history of hair fall then it may pass on to you. The hair fall aggravates with increasing age which becomes intense when accompanied by other factors. These factors include increased stress levels, poor nutrition, and ill effects of medication.

Both males and females suffer from specific pattern baldness. In such cases, hair gets to fall from the temple and hairline while the hair around the crown gets too thin. You could inherit hair fall issues from genes either from the father or mother’s side.

  • Age factor: – after a certain age the process of hair follicles producing new hair slows down. Men tend to lose hair after the age of 30 while women’s hair fall starts to happen after the age of 50. But due to poor diet and lifestyle, the age of losing hair fall is happening too soon which is a serious issue.


  • Side effects of medication: – it’s very rare for medications to show hair fall in people. But ill effects of beta-blockers, blood thinners, anti-depressants, and cholesterol-lowering drugs can lead to extensive hair fall. Even certain anti-inflammatory drugs & hormone-related drugs like thyroid medications or hormonal-related medications are also responsible for the same. They start to interfere with the normal cycle of scalp hair growth.


  • Poor hygiene: – quite underestimated reason for hair fall but hence can’t neglect. Anu was certainly suffering from poor scalp hygiene like not washing hair regularly is leading to hair fall.

Poor hygiene for your hair can lead to the building up of dead skin and sebum possessing a threat to the growth of bacteria and potential inflammation.

  • Increase the level of stress: – according to dermatologists stress levels can’t be ignored while curing hair fall. Though hair fall due to stress is only temporary and can be cured if worked upon.

You could suffer from one or another because it is the leading reason for hair fall. But the right tactics are needed for curing hair fall in a fast manner. Nature believes that you don’t need to take outside medications for curing inside illness. Our body is capable enough to heal itself and cure any diseases from its roots.

This self-healing can happen only with the right kind of nutrition and a good lifestyle of ours. Nutritional deficiency has a bad impact on hair structure & hair growth. You could easily notice a poor hair growth cycle.

Eventually, if it is accompanied by a poor lifestyle then the results are worst. There is a visible change in the texture and quality of the hair of the person. Hence, there is an urgent need to rectify this situation before it turns into a poor situation.

Just change your diet and lifestyle as per Ayurveda for achieving shiny and beautiful hair. Ayurveda believes that nature can cure any medical ailment while practicing a holistic lifestyle.

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How our diet and lifestyle can be rectified for good hair growth?

Yes, this is right that controlling our wrong diet & lifestyle can show us significant change. This diet and lifestyle should be following the rules of Ayurveda. so, let’s learn about the right diet & lifestyle for good hair growth.


Making the body healthy from the inside is as important as maintaining the body from the outside. Our food is the source of nutritional benefits making our immune system stronger. It helps us to prevent & fight diseases plus repair or heal our injuries.

Similarly, our hair also needs good nutrition for it to remain healthy and maintain good texture. Foods like eggs, green leafy vegetables, and fatty fish are regarded as best for hair growth. You need to intake essential vitamins and minerals for the healthy growth of hair follicles.

Any sort of deficiency in vitamins B12 and D, Biotin, Riboflavin, iron, and other nutrients leads to immense hair loss. Thus, ensure to maintain a balanced diet to save hair from poor hair. Best food to include in diet for achieving good hair: –

  • Eggs: – it contains protein & biotin which is essential for hair growth.
  • Berries: – these are good sources of antioxidants that protect hair follicles from potential damage.
  • Spinach: – fully loaded with power nutrients of iron, folate, and vitamins A & C. All these nutrients are essential for proper hair growth.
  • Fatty fish: – fishes like Salmon, herring, and mackerel contain omega-3 fatty acids which promote hair growth.
  • Sweet potatoes: – this has beta carotene which converts the compound into vitamin A. A good intake of vitamin A is necessary for good hair health.
  • Avocados: – besides being healthy and nutritious they are fully loaded with good fats. Inclusion to this it provides vitamin E which leads to fast hair growth.
  • Nuts: – though small in size powerhouse of nutrients. Nuts like almonds. Cashew nuts, raisins, etc help in reducing inflammation leading to good hair growth.

Several vitamins, minerals, and amino acids play crucial roles in maintaining healthy hair : –

Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Amino acids

Herbs Blends :

Amla (Indian Gooseberry, Fenugreek (Methi), Brahmi (Bacopa), Pumpkin Seeds, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Chia Seeds



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“Your lifestyle factors do decide the condition and present state of your hair”

Refraining from poor diet decisions, smoking and stress is necessary for rectifying lifestyle disorders. Follow the below points for rectifying lifestyle disorders for reducing hair fall: –

  • Choose the right kind of shampoo: – excessive use of chemical-based shampoo is quite harmful to hair. It adds to extensive hair fall only. Only use a natural shampoo that contains natural ingredients. Shikakai is one the best ayurvedic natural shampoo suitable for every type of hair fall.
  • Natural-based conditioner: – the work of conditioner is to make hair soft and easy to manage. Dermatologists’ advice to use home-based natural conditioner for hair. You can use banana, apple cider vinegar, yogurt, aloe vera, and coconut.
  • Regular exercise is necessary: – along with necessary changes in diet and hair care products make sure you exercise well. This is necessary for reducing hair fall. Exercise helps to increase blood flow to hair scalp which means more oxygen to hair follicles. It makes them strong and healthy from the inside.
  • Avoid chemical treatments: – if you are exposed to prolonged chemical treatment for hair then it could lead to the burning of the scalp. In serious cases permanent hair loss too. hence, avoid chemical treatments that do not suitable for your hair.


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