Are Onions Really Helpful Or Just a Gimmick


The hair care market is now filled with onion-based hair care products. Even Hair experts are highly stressing the benefits of onion for the healthy condition of the hair. The onion is an edible vegetable coming from the allium family.

Onion is a crucial part of our kitchen and most dishes are unimaginable without existence of them. You can eat it both in cooked and raw form. This vegetable is full of antioxidants and possesses sulfur-containing compounds. Scientific studies state that its regular consumption reduces the risk of cancer, lowers blood sugar levels, and improves bone health.

Surprisingly the onions have cooling properties and are quite effective in the treatment of heat strokes. You can apply onion paste on sunburned skin to treat it. It also helps in proper digestion by cooling the digestive tract of human beings.

How onion is beneficial for the healthy nourishment of hair?

The human hair is being made from a protein Keratin which is quite high in the Sulphur level. Eventually, the presence of Sulphur is necessary for increasing its strength and its elasticity. So, needing Sulphur is a must to save it from becoming dry and brittle.

Nutrients present in onion are adequate for battling bacteria and fungus present in hair. Below are the most important benefits of onion-based hair products: –

  • Saves hair from thinning and breakage: – Being rich in Sulphur leads to the prevention of hair breakage and thinning. This to leads proper nourishment and hair fall decreases on a large scale.
  • Regrowth of hair follicles: – The use of onion-based hair products leads to the promotion of collagen production. This in turn the collagen leads to producing healthy skin cells giving birth to new hair follicles.
  • Prevents premature greying of hair: – The onion does have an anti-oxidant compound known as catalase which helps in reducing hydrogen peroxide at the root of hair. This Hydrogen peroxide is responsible for the early greying of hair.
  • Protects hair from scalp infection: – It has effective anti-microbial properties which help in the reduction of fungus or bacteria that enter through hair follicles. People suffering from ringworm, folliculitis, and impetigo are advised to use onion-based hair products.
  • Helps in fighting dandruff: – The presence of anti-inflammatory properties in onion is best for combating the dry and itchy scalp. This also increases the proper blood flow to the hair scalp providing much moisturization to the scalp.
  • Miracle for dry hair: – Such type of hair lacks moisture and oil resulting in loss of normal sheen and texture. The regular usage of onion juice on hair scalp makes hair much hydrated and the presence of Sulphur in it prevents immense hair loss and breakage.

This does prove that onions do work as a miracle for hair. Its regular use boosts the production of collagen (hair protein) necessary for providing essential nourishment to the hair. The right kind of diet and lifestyle is necessary to derive maximum benefits of the onion for hair.

Both the diet and lifestyle must be following the rules of Ayurveda. A well-balanced diet provides all essential nutrients to hair and a good lifestyle saves hair from all possible damage.  In case you don’t have access to a balanced diet or don’t have time for the same then switch to “Keshva Hair Care Nutrition” tablets which are solely made for healthy hairs.  We at “Keshva Hair Care” have launched “Keshva Hair Care Nutrition” for the betterment of degrading hair.

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Our tablets are made from natural herbs that are oozing with multiple vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and essential amino acids. Our tablets are GMP-certified and fully vegan. Plus, even a diabetic person or people conscious of excess sugar in their diet can easily have it regularly.

Another aspect is that the “Keshva Hair Care Nutrition” is made which suits all types of doshas. We can proudly say that it’s India’s 1st nutrition tablet that is suitable for all types of doshas.

We are ensuring that there is no involvement of artificial flavors in the ingredients of the tablets. You can intake our tablets without any hesitation as they are FSSAI-certified. Our tablets are dermatologists recommended for achieving strong and healthy hair.

“Keshva Hair Care Nutrition” is made from highly nutritious ingredients that are vital for the healthy growth of hair. Its main ingredients are viz Brahmi, Fennel Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, and Tulsi seeds.


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The best way to use onion for hair to achieve healthy and beautiful hair

  • Application of onion juice on hair: – Just roughly grind the onion which later needs to be extracted into a juice. Your onion juice is made and directly applied to the roots of your hair. Even massaging the hair scalp so it gets evenly spread all over.

Leave it for a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour for maximum benefits. Post application rinse the hair with a mild shampoo.

  • Onion hair masks: – There are different type of onion masks which is suitable according to the specific hair type. People with damaged hair should make hair masks comprising of honey and onion juice.

People suffering from extreme hair fall should apply ginger and onion juice for fast growth of new hair follicles. If the hairs are much dry then coconut oil along with onion juice will provide much hydration to the hairs.

Necessary things to keep in mind while applying onion juice to the hair

  • Onion has high levels of sulfur which may cause itchiness thus patch testing on the scalp is necessary.
  • People with sensitive skin must not leave onion juice for a long time on their scalp.
  • Excess of everything is not beneficial hence excess application of onion will not provide the desired results and will make hair dry.
  • Onions come with its unpleasant odour which compels people to use excessive shampoo on hair. Be mindful of it.



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