Is Biotin Enough To Stop Hair fall?


Interestingly there is a sudden increase in the selling of biotin gummies in the hair care market. People on a large scale have started consuming Biotin gummies to achieve healthy and strong hair.  The recent market size of Biotin gummies is around $ 583.4 million and is ever-growing.

Even social media is filled with influencers promoting Biotin gummies for good hair. Biotin (water soluble) is one of the B vitamins. A kind of protein that is essential for the production of keratin needed for strong hairs, nails, and skin.

Biotin is water soluble and hence does not stay in the body for longer periods. The human body does not produce it on its own hence external consumption of the same is necessary. Hence, the sudden hype around the intake of biotin is worth it for hair.

One major hair issue that a person suffers from is “Hairfall” where a person tends to lose lots of hair strands on a major scale. The hair fall can turn into a serious ailment where hair baldness becomes a common scene.

The reasons can be multiple like heredity, hormonal changes, certain medical conditions, or aging. At times acute hair fall leads to immense depression, anxiety, and social phobia in the person.

So, if you are experiencing much hair loss then it is highly advisable to take biotin pills regularly. Though consulting your dermatologist for same.

Prominent benefits of the intake of Biotin for hair

  • Fast hair growth: – The biotin is responsible for the synthesis of keratin (a kind of protein needed for hair). High levels of keratin make hair more strong and less frizzy. As a result, rapid hair growth becomes eventual.
  • Stops hair thinning: – Proper biotin level in the body leads to stronger thicker hair strands which strengthens the hair. The hair tends to break off leading to a reduction in hair thinning.
  • Helps in the regrowth of new hair: – Being responsible for keratin production on the scalp leads to the birth of new hair follicles. Even the proper biotin intake protects hair follicles from possible damage.
  • Prevents hair from premature greying: – The most common cause of developing premature greying is a deficiency of vitamin B12. But when this deficiency is filled with along with proper intake of biotin will prevent hair from premature greying.

So, all the above benefits of biotin lead to healthy growth of hair and improve the condition of the scalp. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises to not indulge in daily intake of biotin to prevent hair loss.

A person should intake a maximum of 30 mcg of biotin to prevent hair fall. But if you are pregnant or feeding a baby then consult your dermatologist beforehand.

Best sources of Biotin other than medication

Biotin gummies or pills are enough for contemplating the deficiency of the same. But intake of certain foods provides enough Biotin to the human body. The plant-based sources of biotin are sweet potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, almonds, sunflower seeds, cauliflower, broccoli, Legumes, Walnuts, soybeans, nutritional yeast, oatmeal, and flax seeds.

Including the above foods in your diet will surely increase the level of biotin in the human body. But people with an extra busy life will find difficult it to manage all. The best solution is to intake such things which have each benefit that our hair needs.

 We at “Keshva Hair Care” have launched “Keshva Hair Care Nutrition” for the betterment of degrading hair.

“Keshva Hair Care Nutrition” is the first tablet that is suitable for all kinds of doshas.

Its tablets are made from natural herbs containing 18+ vitamins and minerals. The presence of amino acids in the tablets is beneficial for the hair.

Our tablets are made from natural herbs that are oozing with multiple vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and essential amino acids. Our tablets are GMP-certified and fully vegan. Plus, even a diabetic person or people conscious of excess sugar in their diet can easily have it regularly.

Another aspect is that the “Keshva Hair Care Nutrition” is made which suits all types of doshas. We can proudly say that it’s India’s 1st nutrition tablet that is suitable for all types of doshas.

We are ensuring that there is no involvement of artificial flavors in the ingredients of the tablets. You can intake our tablets without any hesitation as they are FSSAI-certified. Our tablets are dermatologists recommended for achieving strong and healthy hair.

“Keshva Hair Care Nutrition” is made from highly nutritious ingredients that are vital for the healthy growth of hair. Its main ingredients are viz Brahmi, Fennel Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, and Tulsi seeds.


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