Can Brahmi Works Wonder for Your Hair?

We humans are so much obsessed with our hair. It has a direct link with the appearance of the person. Thus, every person you meet is on the road to achieving the best hair by any means. The global hair and scalp care market size is valued at USD 80.81 billion and would increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6% from 2021 to 2028.
Though there is a drastic shift in the taste of change people who shifting from chemical-based hair care products to Ayurvedic herbal-based hair care products. The after ill effects of chemical-based hair products are long-lasting and may turn severe in some cases.
Hence, the best option is to switch to Ayurvedic-based hair care products for achieving long and healthy hair. Ayurvedic hair care products are made from natural ingredients such as herbs, oils, and minerals. They are free from any type of harsh chemicals thereby possessing no harmful post its usage.
One such ayurvedic herb is “BRAHMI” whose scientific name is “BACOPA MONNIERI”. It’s an herb that produces tiny white flowers and has oval leaves. It is quite effective in resolving neurological disorders since ancient times. A medical study says that regular use of the Brahmi reduces symptoms of anxiety, level of disability, and mental fatigue.

Besides this Brahmi is extensively used in Hair care products. Dermatologists believe that Brahmi makes the hair strong and nourished from the inside thereby making hair follicles strong. Plus, its gradual use makes hair looks thicker and shiny.
You could easily find Brahmi-based hair oil and shampoos for achieving beautiful hair. Here, we would be learning the miraculous benefits of Brahmi for keeping our hair healthy in the long run. Approximately, it takes around Brahmi to show results in four to six weeks. Dermatologists do recommend taking a minimum of 300 mg of Brahmi per day for effective results.

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Below is the list of prominent benefits of Brahmi for achieving long and healthy hairs
Rapid hair growth: – the herb of Brahmi does contain calcium, vitamin C, and zinc which is excellent for improving blood circulation. This does make the hair follicles stronger. Plus, it also helps in the prevention of rapid hair fall.
Hair splits ends stops: – hairs that are dry, brittle, and frayed make two splits in a hair. the cause of developing hair splits ends can be many. Excessive use of chemical-based hair products remains the top reason. The regular use of Brahmi powder paste on external hair forms a protective layer thereby reducing the possibility of hair splits ends.
Helps in thickening the hair: -as Brahmi is filled with a lot of nutrients it saves the hair follicles from outside damage. Further, its long-term use eliminates dryness, itchiness, and visible hair flakes. All this will ultimately help with the fast thickening of the hair.
Works as a natural hair conditioner: – we need a good hair conditioner for making hair cuticle smooth and prevents breakage. Dermatologists highly recommend using a conditioner post using shampoo but chemical-based conditioner does more harm to hair. Thus, switching to an herbal-based conditioner is much essential. Brahmi provides natural conditioning and much effective in detangling hair thereby making it smooth and shiny. Further, it shields the hair follicles from any sort of free radicals.
Put a stop to dandruff: – dandruff is a common scalp condition in which small pieces of dry skin flakes appear on the scalp. In general, they are white thereby making the scalp itchy. However, the issue of dandruff increases in winter. It is advisable to apply Brahmi hair packs as it calms down and soothe the scalp. As a result, the sebum levels get balanced and lead to the prevention of dandruff. Gradually the itchiness and flaking do stops with time.
Drastic reduction in hair fall: – dermatologists prefer regular Brahmi oil application on hairs for reducing hair fall. The Brahmi oil does consist the vitamin C, saponins, and flavonoids which act to strengthen the roots of the hair. while the massaging of Brahmi oil does reduce the cortisol levels of the human body which becomes the main reason for hair fall.
No more grey hair: – today most youngsters are facing grey hair at a young age only but poor genetics, lack of nutrients, and autoimmune disorders are making things worse. In such a situation you should apply a concoction of Brahmi oil and Bhringraj oil on hair at least twice a week. The presence of nutrients in Brahmi oil stops the early greying of hair. eventually, it reduces levels of stress which is a major cause of early greying of hair.
Perfect way of using Brahmi for getting healthy and beautiful hairs
Generally, Brahmi oil is made by amalgamating and slowly heating the extracts of Brahmi with carrier oils like coconut or sesame oil. While you can make Brahmi powder by crushing the leaves of the Brahmi plant.
Hence, a person suffering from multiple hair issues should effectively use Brahmi oil for healthy and beautiful hair. The best way could be the regular application of Brahmi oil on hair. While the other way is to add Brahmi essential oil in water and soak the hair in it for a few minutes.
While the next best way is to mix an equal amount of Brahmi powder with organic amla powder & Shikakai powder with a small amount of water. Do make a thick paste out of it. Directly apply it on semi-wet hair for an hour. After an hour wash your hair with lukewarm water for best results.
According to the ayurvedic doctors taking 2 to 3 grams of Brahmi powder along with balanced diet. You can take decoction of Brahmi powder in boiled water. It shall work wonders for your hair.
Can Brahmi possess any sort of side effects to any person?
No, in general, it does not possess any sort of side effects to any person. But in some cases, it can possess some sort of side effects like certain digestive issues like nausea, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. While pregnant ladies should take medical advice before using Brahmi for hair.

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