Everything you Need Know about Keshva Hair Nourishing Oil

Introducing Keshva Hair Nourishing Oil:

In Ayurveda, hair oiling is a time-honored tradition cherished for its holistic benefits. It’s believed this nourish the scalp, balance doshas (energies), and stimulate hair follicles, promoting not just healthy hair but also overall well-being. Oil renowned for their abilities to enhance hair texture, reduce hair fall, and soothe the scalp. Through regular application, hair oiling in Ayurveda fosters a harmonious relationship between body, mind, and hair, offering a natural and sustainable approach to hair care.

What is Keshva Hair Nourishing Oil:     

Keshva Hair Nourishing Oil is a specially formulated blend of natural ingredients designed to promote healthy hair growth and scalp wellness. It’s crafted with Ayurvedic herbs and oils known for their rejuvenating properties, such as amla, bhringraj, and neem. This oil helps to strengthen hair from the roots, reduce hair fall, and improve overall hair texture. Regular use of Keshva Hair Nourishing Oil can contribute to healthier, more vibrant hair.


 “Keshva Hair Nourishing Oil ” Ingredients


 Jojoba:  Provides deep moisturization to the scalp, preventing dryness and flakiness which can hinder hair growth.


 Aloe Vera: Soothes the scalp, reduces inflammation, and contains enzymes that promote hair growth and repair damaged hair follicles.


Tea Tree Extract: Cleanses the scalp, unclogs hair follicles, and helps in maintaining a healthy scalp environment, promoting hair regrowth.

 Eucalyptus: Stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, promoting hair follicle health and encouraging new hair growth.


Bhringraj: Strengthens hair roots, reduces hair fall, and promotes new hair growth, making hair thicker and stronger.


 Jatamansi:  Improves blood circulation to the scalp, nourishes hair follicles, and promotes hair regrowth, reducing hair loss.


Keshva Hair Nourishing Oil offers several benefits:

  • Stimulates Hair Growth: The oil contains ingredients that promote blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn stimulates hair follicles and encourages hair growth.


  • Strengthens Hair Roots: Its nourishing properties penetrate the hair follicles, strengthening them from within and reducing hair breakage.


  • Reduces Dandruff and Scalp Irritation: Active ingredients in the oil have anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, helping to alleviate dandruff and soothe scalp irritation.


  • Prevents Hair Damage: The oil forms a protective barrier around each hair strand, shielding it from environmental damage such as pollution and UV rays, as well as damage from styling tools and chemical treatments.


  • Controls Premature Hair Greying: By providing essential nutrients to the hair follicles and promoting overall scalp health, the oil helps to delay premature greying of hair.


  • Overall, Hair Protection: With regular use, Keshva Hair Nourishing Oil maintains the pH balance of the scalp, keeps the hair follicles nourished, and prevents dryness, ultimately promoting healthier and more manageable hair.


Here are the Steps for using Keshva Hair Nourishing Oil:

  1. Preparation: Start with clean, slightly damp hair.


  1. Application: Take a small amount of Keshva Hair Nourishing Oil and apply it directly to your scalp.


  1. Massage: Gently massage the oil into your scalp using circular motions with your fingertips. Ensure even coverage across the scalp.


Keshva hair nourishing oil is suitable for all body types, ensuring that it can be enjoyed by everyone for optimal hair health.


  1. Distribution: Once the scalp is covered, distribute the remaining oil evenly through your hair, from root to tip.


  1. Leave-in or Wash Out: You can either leave the oil in your hair for a few hours or overnight for deep nourishment, or you can wash it out after 30 minutes to an hour.


  1. Wash and Rinse: If washing out, use a mild shampoo to thoroughly wash your hair, making sure to remove all traces of oil. Follow with conditioner if desired.


  1. Repeat: For optimal results, use Keshva Hair Nourishing Oil regularly as part of your hair care routine, typically once or twice a week.


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