How To Save Hair From Pollution And Enviromental damage

We all always get lured by long- shiny and healthy hairs. Some people are already God-gifted with genes of good quality of hair but others have to strive hard for getting healthy hair. Today the foremost challenge is to save the hair from the pollution present around us.

Pollution does have the power to damage the hair cuticle, cortex, and keratin proteins which are various elements of hair from which it is made. As a result, they become much weaker and brittle. People prone to extreme pollution have poor-quality hair accompanied by extremely dry hair.

Dermatologists state too much exposure to smoke, dust, toxic gas, particulate matter, nickel, lead, and arsenic results in “Sensitive Scalp Syndrome”. This means that the particulate matter does settle on the hair scalp and hair shaft. In some cases, chemical damage also happens.


Impact of Pollution on the Hair

  • Makes hair much weaker and brittle: – A polluted environment is filled with soot, combustion products, pollen, and mildew. So, if you are exposed to such an environment then such particles easily get stuck to the hair strands and hair scalp.
  • This results in weak hair and the natural shine of the hair wears out. Eventually, there is much increase in the friction in the hair.
  • Fastens the greying process of hair: – A polluted environment does make the hair grey much earlier. The pollutants present in the environment do generate free radicals which damage the melanin and increase the hair ageing process.
  • Decrease the hair protein levels: – The four-hair protein viz beta-catenin, CDK2, cyclin D1, and Cyclin E. All these are responsible for human hair retention and growth.
  • Excessive hair fall: – the increased pollution does make the hair follicles much weaker. As a result, the excessive hair fall does happen.

But there are multiple ways through which we can save our hair from pollution. It is quite important because the pollutants may enter the hair follicle via the bloodstream. This lets it present in the cortex of the differentiated hair matrix.


Prominent tips to save the hair from pollution present around us

  • Maintain proper hygiene: – this is the foremost step through which you can keep your scalp healthy. This helps in the prevention of multiple hair-related diseases. Make sure you wash your hair at regular intervals. It’s advisable to use an herbal shampoo for better results. Doing so will remove the dead skin cells, excess oil, and dirt.
  • Covering the hair with a cloth while being out: – make sure to cover your head while being out. Doing so will shield the hair from harmful UV rays. Eventually, it acts as a barrier between pollution and hair.
  • Going for monthly deep cleansing hair treatment: – no matter how much you try to protect your hair from pollution still it may get harmed due to it. For this, you could switch to the extensive deep cleansing hair treatment every month. Doing so will help in breaking out the excess pollution effect on hair.
  • Braiding the hair can be a savior: – the best way is to tie the hair back to minimize the effect of pollution on hair. Logically the less exposed area of hair in contact with pollutants means less prone to harmful effects.

Apart from braiding, you could opt for low buns or twist hairstyles.

  • Minimal usage of heat styling hair products: – if you apply extreme heat to your unprotected hair then damaged hair will be your destiny. Such hair becomes more vulnerable to pollutants and environmental toxins.

The best way is to use a hair dryer and blow dryer in the coolest setting.

  • Hydrated hair is essential: – if your hair cuticle is rough, it is more prone to picking up pollutants. Hence, ensure that your cuticle is smooth and moisturizing. The application of hair masks at regular intervals can help in the restoration of soft smooth cuticles.
  • An antioxidant-rich diet is essential: – to fight the free radicals that lead to hair loss enrich your diet with anti-oxidants. Doing so will protect hair from the outside pollution that damages the hair in the long run.
  • Herbal-based hair products: – These types of hair products protect the hair in the long run. Such hair products do not have any harmful effects on hair. This ensures that it protects the hair from the pollution present around us.

The above tips are helpful but if your diet is good, it will be of no use. To boost your diet, include all essential vitamins and minerals in your daily life diet. While you can switch to the “Keshva Hair Care” tablets for achieving good and healthy hair.


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