Is Keratin treatment helpful or Gimmick

Is Keratin treatment helpful or Gimmick

Today our busy life has compelled us to search for instant hair treatment that gives the best results. Eventually hair care industry is providing multiple advanced hair treatments that not only gives instant result but looks gorgeous too.

One such hair treatment that is the favorite of almost everyone is “the keratin treatment”. This advanced treatment is the fastest instant solution for frizzy and dull hair in which hair is straightened to make it shinier and healthier.

What is Keratin treatment?

It is an advanced technology that is done to smoothen the hair providing much shine to them. Generally, females love keratin treatment to straighten their hair. Usually, the effect of Keratin treatment lasts for months.

It may range from 2 to 4 months provided the person indulges in good hair care. However, reapplying the keratin treatment regularly will extend its life. So, if you are facing coarse, thick, frizzy-dull, and curly hair can opt for the Keratin treatment for your hair.

It’s an application of a Keratin mask to the hair strands. Though it’s a long procedure and should be under a specialist only. The Keratin mask has a rich texture that provides instant nourishment to the hair.

It does contain Keratin (a kind of protein), argan oil, vitamin E, and a variety of herbal extracts. Post application you will get nourished hair which are more moisturized and softer now.

Process of Keratin treatment

  • Proper cleansing of hair: – Proper care of hair does save a person from multiple hair issues. so, the foremost step is to properly clean the hair from any kind of impurities. The hair specialist prefers pH+ shampoo. This is done to shift the acidic nature of hair to an alkaline one. It helps in better absorption and penetration of the product.

However, strictly keep one thing in mind skip conditioner post basic cleaning of hair. The reason is that applying the conditioner before keratin treatment hinders the absorption of the keratin mask.

  • Proper application of Keratin Mask: – Post proper cleansing of hair let it dry completely. Ensure that hair is not wet not at all as it dilutes the keratin mask which negatively affects the result. The hairstylist applies apply keratin mask by parting the hairs from the middle and other sides. Just evenly apply the keratin mask to each hair strand.
  • Allow hair to set in: – Ensure that the keratin mask is left to set in for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes. This is done to allow proper oxidation in the hair. After this, the hair is washed with cold water and towel dry it properly to absorb the moisture from the hair.
  • Blow dry hair and use a flat iron: – Make sure to blow dry the hair to make it more manageable and less frizzy. It does keep the hair locks smoother and healthier. The next step includes applying flat iron on hair strands for deeper penetration of the keratin mask to the hair cuticles. The procedure is done but taking care of hair is necessary.
  • Post-treatment care: – For effective results follow the below points: –
  1. Not tying the hair post-keratin treatment
  2. Visiting the salon within 2 to 3 days of keratin treatment for the first hair wash
  3. Hairstylists shall use sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner for best results.
  4. Avoid washing hairs with hard water as it tends to break the protein layer of the hair.


Due to the most effective and instant results, the keratin treatment is a major hit among people. But it has its harmful effects. That’s why it is always a favorite topic for dermatologists whether keratin treatment is beneficial or not.

Keratin treatment is a chemical procedure that contains methylene glycol, methanediol, methanal, and formalin. Their work acts as effective sealers making hair smooth and frizzy-free. Besides providing instant results keratin treatment can be harmful in the long term.

People who are sensitive to formaldehyde or respiratory issues should refrain from Keratin treatment. It has ill effects and may harm the hair.


Harmful effects of the Keratin Hair Treatment

  • Adversely affects the hair in the long term: – The whole keratin treatment involves extreme application of heat on hair strands. This does destroy the structural proteins making hair shaft weak and more prone to easy breakage. Excessive heat application pulls the moisture from hair which makes it dry in the long run.
  • Make hair fall adverse: – This is one of the major side effects of keratin treatment on hair. this is because high temperature in keratin treatment hampers the hair’s natural protein leading to adverse hair fall. That’s why indulge in less keratin hair treatment.
  • May even cause cancer: – though keratin (a kind of protein) is necessary the other ingredients are chemical-based. The presence of formaldehyde may lead to myeloid leukemia and rare cancers. If exposure levels are between 0.7 and 15.2 parts per million then chances are quite high.
  • Damages the quality of hair in the long run: – This hair treatment makes the hair strands much finer and shiny and straight instantly. But due to application of extreme heat in the whole hair treatment destroys the structural proteins making the hair shaft much weaker. Thus, the risk is much higher if repeated keratin treatment is done in a short span.

So, we can say that Keratin hair treatment has its pros and cons. But there is one thing that can prove to be a total game changer. If we shift our attention to the root cause of hair issues can eliminate several hair issues.

Our diet and lifestyle have a direct connection with our hair condition. Hence, the foremost major step is to rectify the diet and lifestyle of the person. unfortunately, our busy life does not allow us to pay much attention to it.



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