Keshva’s Anti Hairfall Comb (Dual Tooth)

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  • Supports Healthy Hair
  • Blood Circulation To Scalp
  • Nourishes Scalp
  • Controls Dandruff


Can you believe that your comb can be the reason for your hair fall, dandruff, or scalp infections?

Yes PVC ( Plastic) Comb that we use can seriously affect the scalp and it’s working ( We strongly recommend avoiding it)

This Keshva anti-hair fall comb has a very positive impact on the scalp and hairs

Our anti-hair-fall comb is made from natural wood recommended by Ayurveda.

Benefits :

✅ Blood Circulation to the Scalp: This means More blood to the scalp means more Nutriton To hair follicles ultimately supporting Hahr growth.
✅ Oily Scalp: This Keshva’s Antihair comb Spreads Oily Thoroughly this solves the oily Scalp issue

✅ Dandruff/ Infections: This comb has Anti-dandruff and Antibacterial properties, Saves hair from Scalp Dermatitis and other Infections

How to Use :

Avoid Using Plastic Comb Instead this at the time of Combing, Use Twice a day.