Reason Of Hair Fall in Men

Reason of Hair Fall in Men

Are you suffering from excessive hair fall but still nothing works out for you? The same condition has been faced by Yogesh for the past few days. He has been experiencing strands of hair on the pillow and it’s increasing with time.

Interestingly we talk a lot about hair fall in women but men’s hair-related issues are much ignored. So, when Yogesh searched the internet for his hair fall issue he couldn’t find much. No denying the fact there is much difference in cause and treatment in curing hair fall in men & women.

Describing hair fall in men

Hair fall in men is as common as in females. Most men start to lose hair at the hairline.  It slowly starts to form a pattern in backward motion making an “M” shape. Yogesh is also experiencing hair fall on the back of his head.

A study indicates that around 80% of men suffer from hair loss in their lifetime. Most probably men tend to face hair loss from the age of thirty. Though our poor lifestyle and diet are making things worse.

There is a huge difference between hair fall patterns in men & women. Usually, men suffer from Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) while women suffer from Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL). One can easily notice men losing hair from their temple side while women tend to lose their volume of hair.


Cause of hair fall in men

Yogesh had thought that his increased stress in the office is leading to excessive hair fall. But that’s not the case behind the exact reason for hair fall in men. There are multiple other prominent reasons too that lead to much hair fall in men.

While we have some control over some reasons for hair fall but some reasons are unavoidable. With little effort and the right kind of knowledge, we can surely find a solution for the same.

Below is a list of the main reasons for hair fall in men: –

  • Genes of the men: – If baldness or hair fall runs into your genes then chances are quite high that you will also suffer from the same. In most cases, male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) is quite common.
  • Dermatologists are still studying the reasons for the same but they believe it happens due to the shrinking of hair follicles. In unusual cases, baldness starts to happen from a teenager only. Men tend to experience soft, fine, and thinner hair with time.
  • Medical conditions: – the temporary hair fall in men can be the result of allergic reactions to certain medications, overconsumption of vitamin A, or overdosage of medicines. but suffering from certain illnesses can be the reason for hair fall too. They are as followed: –
  1. Chemotherapy sessions in cancer
  2. Autoimmune diseases like arthritis
  3. Clinical depression
  4. Presence of excess uric acid in the body of men
  5. Excessive intake of blood pressure medications
  6. Heart problems (lack of circulation to hair follicles)
  7. Stress & depression: – the common thing of the present era where everyone is suffering from one or other form of depression. Yogesh does admit to suffering immense stress both at the office and at home.

It’s due to the inefficient stress coping mechanism in men which makes them more vulnerable to stress. Due to less production of oxytocin (emotional hormone) in men, they tend to settle stress with either fighting or flight behavior. This is not suitable for health and even affects the growth of hair in men too.

  • Fungal Infections: – according to dermatologists’ men are more prone to infections than women. The presence of infectious bacteria and viruses is a major cause of developing fungal infections. So, if you get Tinea Capitis (fungal infection of the scalp) it leads to patchy hair loss.

It automatically spreads in the hair fibers making hair brittle and leading to hair loss in men.

  • Poor immune system: – men having poor immune systems leads to Alopecia Areata (sudden hair loss which leads to circular bald patches). As a result, hair follicles weaken leading to severe hair fall.
  • Impulse control disorder: – it refers to the sudden change in urges and behaviors which is harmful to the health of a person. As per dermatologists’ men are more prone to impulse control disorders than females. This could be a result of genetic predisposition, chronic drug or even alcohol abuse. Plus, men being subject to trauma, abuse or neglect suffer from more impulse control disorders.

Such people behave weirdly and tend to pull their hair from the scalp, eyebrows, and even hair in the worst conditions.

  • Poor grooming styles: – most men indulge in over usage of shampoo making hair too dry and leading to hair fall. If it’s accompanied by wrong styling products then hair loss becomes a common issue.

Though there is no single solution for curing hair fall in men but seeking proper control of diet & lifestyle can do. Remaining extra busy in personal and professional lives leaves no time for men to cure their hair fall issues.

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How do men need to rectify their nutrition for good growth of hair?

Men must know that with increasing age the metabolism tends to decrease. This means that your health will go down with time. Every one in two men over the age of forty tends to suffer from pattern baldness. Plus, thinning of hair becomes quite common in men.

So, we have suggested Yogesh make positive changes in his diet for hair regrowth. Take notice of prominent changes in diet for ensuring positive hair growth: –

  • Include protein intake in your diet: – hair follicles are made from protein and its deficiency leads to improper hair growth. Proper protein in the diet ensures that our hair becomes strong and healthy.

In deficiency of protein leads to hair thinning and much hair loss. Make sure to include protein-rich food like lentils, peas, paneer, chickpea, fish, eggs, etc for proper protein intake.

  • Vitamins are vital for proper hair growth: – men need multiple vitamins for hair growth for its cells to grow. Likewise, you need vitamin A for benefiting skin glands while vitamin B7 (also known as Biotin) stimulates the production of keratin for follicle growth. Inculcate vitamin-rich food in your diet like carrots, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables, and eggs.
  • Berries: – they are fully loaded with vitamin C and antioxidant properties. Both are responsible for safeguarding hair from harmful molecules known as radicals.
  • Takes nuts in breakfast: – nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachio, and raisins contain necessary essential oil needed for necessary hair growth. They provide a variety of vitamins, zinc, and essential fatty acids. But make sure to soak nuts in water before eating them.

significant changes in diet when accompanied by the proper kind of lifestyle ensure good hair growth. It helps you to achieve healthy and shiny hair. Below is a list of prominent positive lifestyle changes that promote healthy and nourishing hair: –

  • Regular cleansing of hair and scalp: – make sure to get your hair and scalp rid of excess oil and dirt. This helps to improve hair and scalp health. Indulge in the cleansing of hair and scalp thrice to five times a month. Use natural base shampoo for cleansing hair and scalp.


  • Oiling is a must for the hair: – it is necessary for the protection of hair from regular wear and tear. Plus, it prevents hair from drying while reducing hygric fatigue.


  • Avoid chemical treatments: – the practice of chemical hair treatments is on the rise like straightening, perming, coloring, etc. making hair open to chemicals is highly unfavorable which takes away the moisture of the hair. Thus, making hair brittle and dry with time.


  • Hair trimming is necessary: – it’s very common for hair to get damaged from the end. Thus, getting your hair trimmed from the end is necessary for every six to eight weeks. This is necessary for proper growth of the hair


  • Reducing stress in life: – one of the underdog reasons for not having healthy and shiny hair. As stress leads to releasing of multiple hormones majorly cortisol. This does affect the different functions throughout the body. Thus, it also impacts the hair in a negative manner.

So, making necessary positive changes in diet and lifestyle can surely lead to hair growth in men. Doing significant changes shall help men to regrow their hair once again.


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